The Signed by Program of
the ARTIS Fashion Group

is structured in
three hierarchical levels:


As a talent you are already a member of the Signed by program. This level is about getting to know the products for the first time.


As ARTIS Fashion Group Ambassadors we have already found the right label for you from the ARTIS Fashion Group. As a representative of your label you will be booked for events, shootings, promotional trips and much more.


As an icon of the ARTIS Fashion Group you already profit from the advantages of the Talents and Ambassadors. You are no longer just the testimonial of a label, but a representative of all the ARTIS Fashion Group labels that suit you. You will also receive exclusive bookings for selected fashion weeks in Europe, as well as access to our member events in Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Sydney.

As a sales agency, the ARTIS Fashion Group interacts between producing fashion labels and the wholesalers.
The ARTIS Fashion Group is the exclusive partner of renowned manufacturers from the fields of fashion, accessories, jewlery and luxury consumer goods.

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